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For Home Watch Services in the Sarasota, Florida Area

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For Sarasota Home Watch Services you can trust your home to Guardian Home Check!  We provide a full line of services for the most discriminating absentee homeowner to make life easier while you are away.  We will make sure your home is ready for the worst tropical storms and keep you advised of any work being done by contractors when you are not here.

Secure and Experienced Ownership

Guardian Home Check is owned by Heidi Nelson, a 20 year law enforcement professional who brings her expertise and knowledge to the protection of your home.  She is a trained observer and that attention to detail will ensure that your property gets the attention necessary to minimize any existing or potential problems. Guardian Home Check will provide you “Peace of Mind When You’re Away“.  Read More About Guardian Home Check

Our Services for Sarasota and Surrounding Areas

Our Sarasota home watch services are designed to ensure no stone is left unturned while caring for your property.  We will design a customized checklist for our visits based on our experience and your needs.  After each visit, we will submit a full report of what we found on our check of your property and pictures of any situation requiring your input.   To see a representative list of our services, please click here.


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